Diving and snorkeling are of course the most common activities. However, you can also make very interesting land excursions and other activities. Below you will find an overview and links to the pages with a more in-depth description and photos of the tours.


Trekking Tangkoko National Park with primary forest inhabited by many birds, Black Macaques (monkeys), Tarsius, Cuscus, and other wildlife of North Sulawesi.

Trekking the Batu Angus Nature Reserve and Hiking Batu Angus volcano in Bitung.

Land tour Minahasa throug Minahasa highland to see the agriculture area in Tomohon, Aquaculture by Tondano lake, Sulphur lake, traditional market, Minahasan traiditional house-building, and climb active volcanoes Mahawu and Lokon.

Hiking across Lembeh island and visit villages.

Kayaking on an outrigger boat along the peaceful Walenekoko bay with mangroves and many birds.

Hornbill in Tangkoko - Photo by Danielle de Jong   Mahawau Volcano


Visit Bitung, the town in front of Lembeh island

Shopping in Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi

Relax on our beach or in our open lounge with a cold Bintang and a good book. We have a small library with Dutch, English and German books including fish identification books. Wireless internet is available for free, and there is HD-TV, Computer, Blu-Ray and DVD player along with collection of movies and music.

And if you don’t want to go out at all, just sit on your own balcony and admire the spectacular view. You will be able to spot a lot of birds, butterflies and even sometimes the small Tarsier

Tarsius in Divers Lodge Lembeh

Tarsius in Divers Lodge Lembeh

So even if you are not diving, you can still have a great time!