Divers Lodge Lembeh

Take along list

Take along list, general tips about how to prepare and what to bring.

General Tips for your preparation:

  • Preparation starts at least 6 to 4 weeks before departure
  • Make sure your travel insurance covers you for medical expenses abroad and if you will be diving, that diving is covered. If not, supplemental insurance for overseas coverage, including possible evacuation, should be seriously considered.
  • Ensure that you are covered by your insurance policy if you need to cancel your trip.
  • Bring adequate supplies of all medications in their original containers, clearly labelled. Pack all medications in hand luggage. Carry a duplicate supply in the checked luggage.
  • Before leaving, visit your dentist for your regular check-up.
  • If you wear glasses or contacts, bring an extra pair. Don’t forget to take lens liquid
  • If you will need to use tampons, bring all you will need as they are not available locally.

Rent instead of carrying

We now offer the solution for your luggage problems. You can hire brand new top quality dive gear and a perfect dive suit. Complete set starting from only IDR 185.000 per day.

Travel Documents & Money

  • Passport
    That is valid for six more months and at least has one empty page
  • Visa
  • Watertight bag for your valuable documents
    Indonesia is a warm country, but water and damp is everywhere
  • Money
    There is a bank on the airport where you can get a small amount of money from the machine. You can also change some money at the Divers Lodge Lembeh at a better rate. In Bitung city you can get maximum IDR 5.000.000 from the machine (ATM) per card per day.
    At the Lodge you can pay in cash Euro, Indonesian Rupiah or US$ (not older than 2009, without any marks, absolutely undamaged and unfolded, otherwise they will – for some strange reason – not be accepted by the local banks). We accept VISA and MasterCard. Sorry but we cannot accept traveller cheques.
  • Travel insurance number

To stay healthy

  • Malaria-tablets (ask your doctor)
  • Insect-repellent (with DEET)
  • After-bite (with ammonia)
  • Sun block (at least factor 20)
  • Iodine or antiseptic lotion and lots of (watertight) band aids
  • Ointment (to prevent fungal skin infections)
  • Eardrops (to prevent ear infections)
  • Hat or cap

To Dive – all diving equipment in the list below is also available for rent

  • Dive computer
  • Buoyancy jacket, breathing regulator, weight belt, fins, shoes, mask, snorkel, dive knife (weights and 80-cubic feet tanks are available)
  • Dive suit 3 mm neoprene or 5 mm plus hood when you get cold fast
  • Dive lamp (there is 220 V electricity to charge batteries)
  • Spare parts, o-rings, battery for computer etc.
  • Photo / video equipment if applicable
  • The proper cables if you want to watch your own video or photos on our television set or computer

Clothing and..

  • Swim suit (2x so you always can wear something dry)
  • Walking shoes
    Shoes that may be used in the water (against coral, stinging animals, hot sandy beaches, etc)
  • Shorts and long trousers (for jungle trips, village visits, against mosquitoes)
  • Shirts (also long sleeved)
  • Underwear, socks
  • Sweater
  • Toothbrush, shampoo, etc
  • Torch
  • Binoculars
  • Locks on your luggage
  • Book(s). Although we have a library with Dutch, English, German and French books on the resort.