Divers Lodge Lembeh

Prices and Booking

Prices, easy booking and payment

Booking your holidays with Divers Lodge Lembeh and/or Weda reef and rainforest Resort is easier than your daily shopping! Just send an email to info@diverslodgelembeh.com or info@wedaresort.com with check in date, check out date, needed transfers, how many days you want to dive, go birding or do other activities and preferred payment. And we will send you an offer/invoice for your reservation.
Except from a few high quality travel agencies, we do not cooperate with any online-booking agency. Please let us know if you prefer to make your reservation through an agency and we will advise you accordingly.


In general, money transfers, within European countries, can be made without any or very little costs. If you use the BIC code when transferring your (down) payment to our account in the Netherlands, there should not be an extra transfer fee. Transferring money from countries outside the E.U. sometimes is very expensive. In that case, we advise you to use your Credit Card to make an “offline” money transfer. There is no surcharge. Finally, you can also pay through PayPal. But we have to charge 4,5% extra for this way of payments. Money transfers from within Indonesia and from some neighboring countries can be best made in IDR to our Indonesian IDR account. Please inform us in which currency and in which way you would like to make the payment and we will send you the proper bank details.

For any additional costs, at Divers Lodge Lembeh you can pay by bank transfer, cash (EUR/USD/IDR) or by Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard). At our Weda reef and rainforest Resort you only can pay cash in EUR, USD or IDR and offline Credit Card payment. For USD cash: preferably 100 USD notes, not older than 2009, without any marks, absolutely undamaged and unfolded, otherwise they will – for some strange reason – not be accepted by the local banks.

Package example

Although Indonesia unfortunately is not anymore that cheap as some years ago, it is still possible to have the holiday of your dreams and still stay within a reasonable budget.

For example:

Travel time 12 days, 10 nights full board accommodation, with 9 days diving with 2 dives per day.

IDR 29.925.000/EUR 1.995, -*, Return flight Amsterdam or Frankfurt – Manado included.

*This price can be changed and is depending on the actual rate for the flights and the exchange rates of the moment of booking.


The following prices are per person in IDR. The EUR* and USD* rates are only for reference, based on the exchange rates of 15 August 2015. The full-board accommodation is IDR 742.000 IDR/day (EUR 49,50*/day or USD 55*/day) per person, per night. For the bungalows “Tupai” and “Paniki” we do not charge a single supplement. However, for our other cottages a single guest has to pay a surcharge of IDR 225.000/EUR 15*/USD 16* per night. When you make a reservation, please inform us how many nights you will be staying and how many dives you prefer to make per day. Although you a very welcome to contact us “last minute” we only can guarantee you a room if you booked and fully paid in advance. Please read our Reservation & Payment Policy.
The offer/invoice we will send you for your reservation will be in EUR* and USD*. The amount in EUR* or USD* will be based on the currency rate of that moment as published on : BankMandiri Exchange rates

Our prices are with full-board accommodation, including:

  • All meals.
  • Cold/hot mineral water, coffee and tea.
  • Snacks.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and mosquito repellent in your bungalow.
  • We have a laundry service and a fresh towel in your bathroom and on your dive-boat every day.
  • Use of HD TV, Blu-ray player.
  • Wireless Internet access at the restaurant & lounge.
  • Taxes.

Not included:

  • Transfers
    One way from airport or Manado city to Divers Lodge Lembeh (or vice versa)
    By car (max 3 persons) and boat:
    3 persons : IDR 150.000/EUR 10*/USD 11* per person
    2 persons : IDR 225.000/EUR15*/USD 16,50* per person
    1 person : IDR 450.000/ EUR 30*/USD 33*
    Surcharge  IDR 150.000/EUR 10*/USD 11* per car for early morning/late night transfers (departure/arrival time before 07:00 or after 19:00)
  • NITROX 32 (oxygen enriched air): IDR 60.000/ EUR 4,00*/USD 4,50* per tank-fill
  • Rental dive equipment (complete set, excl. computer and torch): IDR 185.000/EUR 12,50/USD 13,75* per day,per person

– Diving

It is cheaper for you to book your dives in advance. In case, for whatever reason, you have to cancel some dives you booked and paid for, these dives can be refunded for 50%.
You can also pay your dives afterwards, then you only pay for the dives you really made. So, you book your full board accommodation only and decide about the diving on the spot.

Price for pre-booked dives IDR EUR* USD*
1 day with 2 boat day-dives 975.000 65 72
1 day with 3 boat day-dives 1.380.000 92 102


Price for dives booked at the resort IDR EUR* USD*
1 day with 2 boat day-dives 1.085.000 72 80
1 day with 3 boat day-dives 1.460.000 97 108

Schedule for shared boat:

Daily schedule for the shared boat packages: Leave the resort at 08:00 to make two dives. After the two dives we go back to the lodge to have a fresh prepared lunch. After lunch there is the possibility to do a third day-dive. Night dives are scheduled at request and can be done every day. Please also read our rules for diving

– Private Boat options
If you and your buddy (buddies) want to have more freedom in making the schedule for that day, we can offer you a private boat. The price is IDR 750.000/EUR 50*/USD 55* per day, per boat. For example, if you charter the boat with four persons you pay IDR 187.000/EUR 12,50*/USD14*) per person, per day extra, on top of the amount of dives you booked, for this private boat service.
If you want to charter a private boat for you alone, with a guide, the price is1.200.000 IDR (EUR 80*/USD 89*) per day extra, on top of the amount of dives you booked.
Dive schedule with a private boat is as you wish to plan it with our dive supervisor.

It is also possible to make a reservation for non-limit dives/day, but only in combination with a private boat. E.g. if two persons share one private boat and take the non-limit diving package, the total price per person would be IDR 2.525.000 per person.

Only with private boat IDR EUR* USD*
non-limit diving*

*between 08.00 and 20.00. Max 5 dives.

2.150.000 142 159

Depending on availability it could be possible to arrange a private boat and pay for the extras while you are at the resort.

  • To change one day-dive into a night-dive, extra IDR 180.000/EUR 12,00*/USD 13,25*/dive.
  • To change a day-dive into a mandarin-dive, extra IDR 120.000/EUR 8,00*/USD 9,00*/dive.
  • Additional day-dive on the same day: IDR 410.000/EUR 27,50*/USD 30,00*)/dive.
  • Additional night-dive on the same day: IDR 600.000/EUR 40*/USD 44*/dive.


Other items IDR EUR* USD*
(Only between 07:00 – 17:00) for minimum 2 persons 110.000 7,50 8,25
A day-dive at any time of the day 410.000 27,50 30
Mandarin fish dive, starting at 17:15 450.000 30 33
Additional dives on the same day (day-dives) 410.000 27,50 30
Additional dive on the same day (night-dives) 600.000 40 44
Additional dive on the same day (Mandarin fish dive) 450.000 30 33
Surcharge Bangka dive trip per boat 750.000 50 55
Snorkeling by boat to different locations, minimum 2 person 525.000 35 38,50
Boat transfer Divers Lodge Lembeh – Bitung (or vice versa) per boat, per one way 225.000 15 16,50
Canoeing 5 EUR/hour, minimum 2 hours 150.000 10 11


Complete set: top model weight integrated Seaquest BCD-Jacket, Aqualung Regulator set, Bare 5/4 full suit, Mask, Fins & Booties.  185.000 12,50 13,75
BCD Jacket 65.000 4,33 5,20
Breathing Regulator 60.000 4,00 4,80
Dive Suit 35.000 2,33 2,80
Fins & Booties 20.000 1,33 1,60
Mask and Snorkel 30.000 2,00 2,40
Dive Computer 45.000 3,00 3,60
Signal Buoy 15.000 1,00 1,20
Weight Belt 7.000 0,47 0,56
Divers Knife 20.000 1,33 1,60
Dive Light 65.000 4,33 5,20
Backup Light 50.000 3,33 4,00


Possible to book in advance or when you are at the resort
Minahasa Highland Tour
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, soft drinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon
995.000/66,50/74 1.485.000/99/110
Mahawu/Lokon Volcano hiking
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, soft drinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon
995.000/66,50/74 1.485.000/99/110
Tangkoko Nature Reserve Trekking
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, soft drinks and fruits
695.000/ 46,50/51,50 1.035.000/69/76,50
Manado Sightseeing
Include: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, soft drinks, English speaking guide
635.000/42,50/47 1.050.000/70/77
Bitung Sightseeing
Include: Boat transfer 2 ways and guide
Free if the dive boat drop you at the jetty and you return with staff boat around 18.00
410.000/27,50/30 675.000/45/49,50
Hiking Lembeh
Including boat transfers, with or without guide, minimum 2 persons
150.000/10/11 150.000/10/11