Divers Lodge Lembeh

Hiking Volcanoes



This is a full day trip for hiking to the active volcano Mahawu or Lokon, combined with other highland tours as follow:

  • Depart from the resort at around 7.00 am or later
  • Manado Bay view
    A Short stop at the highland point in Tomohon, where you can enjoy the view over Manado bay, Bunaken Island, Manado Tua, Bangka and other islands close by.
  • Traditional Market in Tomohon
    One of the biggest traditional market on the highland where you can find so called ‘excotic meat’ that the local people love to eat, fresh vegies, spices, flowers that grows on the highland.
  • Hiking active volcanoes (Lokon Volcano or Mahawu Volcano)
  • Lunch
  • Linow, Sulphur Lake
  • Woloan, Minahasan Traditional Wooden House Industry
  • Waruga, Ancient Stone Grave
  • Back to the resort at around 5.00 pm

Price: Minimum two person: IDR 995.000/person. Single: IDR 1.485.000
Including: boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at a restaurant in Tomohon.

What to wear/bring: Long sleeves, long pants, proper trekking shoes or at least sneaker, a hat, sunblock cream, mosquitor repellent before entering the forestand bring extra tshirt.


The trip to Mahawu volcano takes about 90 minutes by boat & car from the resort. There is a road allowing the car going up closer to the top of the volcano. From there we will then start hiking for only 15 minutes to the top. Then continue another 20 minutes half round the crater lake, to the highest peak where you can see a spectacular view over its caldera with steaming and bubbling crater lake, sulphur scent, and also the view over the whole North Sulawesi: Manado bay and neighbouring islands, Lokon-Empung volcano, Soputan volcano and Mount Klabat (2000 m) the highest mountain in North Sulawesi.

Mahawau Volcano

Mahawau Volcano

About Mahawu Volcano:

The elongated Mahawu volcano lies immediately east of Lokon-Empung volcano. It is the northernmost of a series of young volcanoes along a SSW-NNE line near the margin of the Quaternary Tondano caldera. Mahawu is capped by a 180-m-wide, 140-m-deep crater that contains a small crater lake, and has two pyroclastic cones on its northern flank.  Less active than its neighbor, Lokon-Empung, Mahawu’s historical activity has been restricted to occasional small explosive eruptions recorded since 1789.  In 1994 fumaroles, mudpots, and small geysers were observed along the shores of a greenish-colored crater lake.
source: www.volcanodiscovery.com


The trip to this volcano also takes about 90 minutes by boat & car from the resort, but this is a 3 hours hiking, a bit more challenging trail to the Tompaluan (active crater on the the saddle between the two peaks of Lokon-Empung). You will need a proper trekking shoes as the igenous rock trail formed by cooled lava can be slippery either wet or dry.

The trail nearby the Crater of Lokon Volcano

The trail nearby the Crater of Lokon Volcano

Lokon Volcano

Lokon Volcano

Crater of Lokon Volcano

Crater of Lokon Volcano

About Lokon Volcano:

The twin volcanoes Lokon and Empung, rising about 800 m above the plain of Tondano, are among the most active volcanoes of Sulawesi.
Lokon, the higher of the two peaks (whose summits are only 2.2 km apart), has a flat, craterless top.  The younger Empung volcano has a 400-m-wide, 150-m-deep crater that erupted last in the 18th century, but all subsequent eruptions have originated from Tompaluan, a 150 x 250 m wide double crater situated in the saddle between the two peaks.
Historical eruptions have primarily produced small-to-moderate ash plumes that have occasionally damaged croplands and houses, but lava-dome growth and pyroclastic flows have also occurred. Last big explosive eruptions: July 2011
source: www.volcanodiscovery.com

Trekking Tangkoko National Park & volcano hiking Lokon or Mahawu)

If you want to combine this two different tours, you will then leave the resort at around 5.00-5.30 am to Tangkoko National park (we will pack your breakfast – such as sandwich, pancakes, banana). You will reach the park at around 6.00 – 7.00 am and do the 3 hours trekking.

Then you will be heading to Tomohon highland for lunch in Gardenia resort. After lunch break you will then start hiking either Lokon volcano (3 hours, 2 ways) or Mahawau volcano (90 minutes, 2 ways). On the way back to the resort, you can also visit the pottery village Pulutan, and Waruga the ancient sarcophagus. You will be back at the resort exactly at dinner time.

Price: € 79,- /person (minimum 2 person). Single: € 119,-
Include: Boat transfer, car + driver, drinking water, softdrinks, entrance fee, English speaking guide, and lunch at Gardenia restaurant in Tomohon (ordered by us. Additional order, fruit juice, beers, etc are not included).